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7th October 1965 Celtic v Go Ahead Deventer Second leg – Preview

6th October 1965

Mob Beats Policemen to Death After Crash

At least 150 people were killed last night when a crowded train was derailed on the outskirts of Durban, South Africa.

The accident occurred when 3 coaches of a train taking labourers home from work left the rails.

Seconds after the crash, an incensed mob of Africans attacked two white railwaymen who had arrived at the scene, battering one of them to death. Read More →


Celtic v Hibs 4th October 1965 League Cup SF – Preview

The Bhoys Done Not So Good!

On 2nd October 1965, on Windsor Park in Belfast, Scotland were beaten 3-2 by Northern Ireland in the first of that season’s Home International Matches. The result came as something of a surprise to the Scots, as one headline in the press the following day might suggest; Read More →


29th September 1965: Go Ahead Report

I can recall the night when Celtic played Go-Ahead Deventer in Holland quite clearly. There were no televised matches in those days – only radio commentaries – and the Scottish, or, more properly British broadcasting authorities probably did the hordes of Celtic fans tuning in a disservice that evening.

They decided that the main game of the evening for listening fans was in the European Cup, where Kilmarnock were facing Nandori Tirana from Albania in a preliminary round second leg tie. So, that game was the one chosen for a second-half commentary and the Celtic fans had to do with occasional reports from Deventer, especially when a goal was scored….and there were plenty of them! Read More →


29th September 1965 -Go Ahead Deventer (A) Preview

Not Enough Hours In the Day!

This was a particularly difficult spell for me in my football life. I knew that I was playing well in the reserve team and showing that I could not only defend and organize a defence – as the big guy, I had always been put to the centre-half role in school and amateur sides – but also had the touch to come forward and set up the attacks from the back.

Unfortunately, though, at the start of season 1965-66, I was also a final year student in dentistry at Glasgow Dental Hospital, struggling to fit in lectures, treating patients, studying and training into what sometimes seemed to be astonishingly short day. And, as yet, I had not made enough money to buy a car, so I had to go everywhere by public transport.

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25th September 1965 Celtic v Aberdeen

A 4-0 win against Raith Rovers in the League Cup quarter-final second leg tie was a fairly positive response by the players to the defeat the week before against Rangers in the league, although most reports pointed out that the guys had only started playing in the second half of the contest.


Still, a 12-1 aggregate over the two legs put Celtic into the semi-finals of that particular competition and now it was important to maintain momentum, so the forthcoming league match against Aberdeen at Celtic Park was another important fixture. Read More →


22nd September 1965 League Cup QF 2nd Leg Report

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Brits in Action….but Another Sport

Brian London, of Blackpool, the former British and Empire Heavyweight champion, sensationally blasted the American Roger Rischer of California into defeat in 50 seconds, including two counts, in a scheduled 10-round fight at Liverpool Stadium last night.

ABA Featherweight champion Ken Buchanan made an impressive professional debut when beating Brian Tonks of Swindon in the 2nd round at the National Sporting Club, London, last night.

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22nd September 1965 Celtic v Raith Rovers League Cup QF 2nd Leg – Preview

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After a defeat – and particularly a loss to one of the major rivals, like Rangers – players are always a bit apprehensive and concerned when reporting for training the first day after the match. The same thoughts are going through everyone’s mind. The younger ones are worrying that the manager will point the finger of blame at them? The ones who have been there for a time wonder if they could lose their place in the side? While the older ones are thinking – have I got a future at the club? And, of course, all three age bands contain reluctant trainers who are sick at the thought of the really hard session managers sometimes insist on at a time like that. Read More →


18th September 1965: Rangers v Celtic

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Oh! What a Beautiful Morning!

On the morning after the Old Firm reserve game, I was lying in my bed in my parents’ house, enjoying the feeling of reliving the important moments of the night before while well aware of a little soreness and bruising in the muscles round my hips and legs. Suddenly, the phone rang!

Now, for you younger guys and gals, let me tell you that it was a different world back in those days. There were obviously no mobile phones and the only phone available was attached to a fixed point. In my parents’ house, it was in the hall and my Mother would have had to go out from the kitchen or sitting-room to answer it. A few minutes later, I could hear her voice calling up the stairs; “Jim, there’s a Mr Fallon on the phone for you”. Read More →


17th September 1965: Rangers next …

There is nothing quite like a meeting of the Old Firm to focus and stimulate the minds of Scottish football fans and the first one of that season of 1965-66 was coming up on the 18th September 1965.


The sporting press on the previous day had some comment about the match, with one story from each side of the divide receiving some attention;- Read More →